In which Kristy kritiques the performance of a four-year-old, I gloss over long passages about sports, and mediocre boys continue to disappoint.
In which a young boy should get a new hobby, his best-friend has a future as an accomplice, and we discover why Pluto isn't a planet anymore.
In which a parent has the audacity of a mediocre white man, Kristy has a strange dream, and Claudia's hospital mate is two toddlers in a trench coat.

February 2023

In which frogs explode on contact, shrub-born boyfriends gesticulate wildly, and I count instances of the worst product placement.
In which Kristy is hilarious, Mary Anne returns from a ho-down, and I write a sitcom episode.

January 2023

In which a pair of best friends wander away from the group, a couple finds their place in the universe, and I make up the adjective "headfull."
In which mild inconveniences indicate curses, the BSC goes spelunking in the creepy section of the library, and Mary Anne displays some sociopathic…

December 2022

I'm looking back at my 2022, even if some of the media I consumed isn't from the year.
In which a pair of young women kiss chicken feet but refuse to pick up a hammer, history is rewritten to be more palatable for a certain group of…
In which Jessi learns American Sign Language, Stoneybrook gets a little more diverse, and Karen wastes food.
In which I lament the death of Trick-or-Treating, friends are non-friends, and there is running - just running.
In which colors are arbitrarily assigned, plot points are repeated, and repressed memories resurface.