In which a pair of young women kiss chicken feet but refuse to pick up a hammer, history is rewritten to be more palatable for a certain group of…
In which Jessi learns American Sign Language, Stoneybrook gets a little more diverse, and Karen wastes food.
In which I lament the death of Trick-or-Treating, friends are non-friends, and there is running - just running.
In which colors are arbitrarily assigned, plot points are repeated, and repressed memories resurface.
In which a girl discovers frightening powers and hangs out with old people, and I have a cold and sound issues.
In which I chastise some creepy judges, bananas and poetry collide, and many girls wish for/save global peace.
Topics include unnecessary twist endings, poorly planned dark rides, and meditations on the Americans with Disabilities Act.
In which an eleven-year-old wants to be treated like an adult, Stoneybrook's racist underbelly is exposed, and I do too many voices.
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Rereading My Childhood by Amy A. Cowan